Heal Your Marriage!

My husband and I have been married for almost 20 years. It hasn’t always been an easy road to travel for either of us. After a year of marriage we were separated for 10 months. We had combined our families and being a step parent is no joke. My husband and I had a hard time adjusting and agreeing on how to parent. One day I was watching the 700 Club and it talked about marriage. They talked about how love is a choice and not a feeling. I chose to return to my husband and obeyed God. It took counseling and layers of anger to fade away. We are completely in love with each other again. It took time, but we gave it the time that we needed to heal. God has to be your focus. My prayer at night, is not for God to change specific things that my husband does that bothers me, but for my husband to desire what God wants. When your husband desires what God wants and you desire what God wants for you, then you will find common ground. I can’t stress enough that doing marriage with God is hard, but doing marriage without God is harder. God loves you and desires for you to believe in Him and accept Him to be your Lord and Savior. He gave His one and only Son for us and we never deserved it! What an awesome God we have!