Kids Learning While Moving Lesson 1

Boy and the bubbles

I worked in an elementary school and ran a class where students learned while they moved.  I had them crossing their mid-line and moving so they could  better. Every few weeks I will give you examples on how to teach your kids how to learn while making it fun!

Math– Place index cards with a math problem on it (ex:4+6 without the answer)  on the wall (I would use an outside wall).  Get a ball and bounce it on the index card while you say the correct answer.  Continue to do this until you have finished all of the problems.

Spelling– Write each spelling word on a different index card.  Put them in a pile.  Get on a trampoline (mini or big) and jump out and say each letter of the spelling word.  After you say each letter, say the spelling word at the end.  Ex: The word is “There”.  Jump and say each letter. “T”, “H”, “E”, “R”, “E”….There. Repeat this twice, then move to the next word.