15 Outings to do with your kids for free or cheap this summer

15 Outings to do with your kids for free or cheap this summer

Here is a cute list to put on your fridge for future reference!


1.Go to the Atlanta Zoo for free.

Go to your local library and check out the Atlanta Zoo DVD. Once you return it, you will receive 2 adult and 2 child tickets for free! If you live in another state, ask your local library if they have this deal.

2. Go swimming!

Don’t have a pool? Ask a friend if you can use theirs in exchange for cleaning their pool for them. I would LOVE for someone to clean mine!

3. See if your city has First Friday.

The kids love attending First Friday because they cater to them! They have activities like bounce houses, eating and concerts for adults!

4. Find friends that will be willing to host get togethers.

Find friends that will be willing to host get togethers at their house and take turns. Each time do a theme. Ex: (1)One day have a slip-n-slide party with lemonade drinks (with umbrellas in them) and
fruit roll ups. (2)Have a movie party with popcorn and drinks. (3)You can freeze blocks of ice in a bowl. Each child will have their own block of ice. Add some salt on top of the ice block so it will begin to melt. Watch the salt produce holes in the ice. Have the children squirt different colors of food coloring in each hole. It will be pretty. These are just some examples of some fun ya’ll can have.

5. Go to a movie for cheap!

Most theaters have a movie day that is just for kids. Everyone has to see a certain movie that the theater picks. These movies are at a discounted price and usually serve snacks for cheaper too. If you want to choose your own movie then go to the matinee for a cheaper price. Some theaters also have a certain day of the week that they have discounted prices. Call your theater to get the details.

You can also sign up for http://Moviepass.com.With this you can watch up to three movies a month. You will be billed yearly. Look up the site to see prices because they change.


6. Most bowling allies let kids bowl 2 free games.

There are bowling allies that participate in free bowling for the summer. Our bowling alley lets kids bowl 2 free games. You have to bring your own shoes or pay for shoe rentals. Taxes may also apply. Still, this is a cheap way of entertainment.

7. Check your library for free reading programs.

Check your library for free reading programs. They usually have incentives for reading. Ask your local library what incentives they have. Here is a website in Georgia that is connected with our local libraries that includes incentives for kids. Free tickets to museums! https://georgialibraries.org/partnerships/

8. Check your library for free reading programs.

Book It Reading Program

Summer Reading Program with Candlewick Press and Pizza Hut. When your child meets their goal each month, they will receive a free Personal Pan pizza. Sign up here!

9. Get a free book and Bible!

If you want your child reading Christian books, you need to do the LifeWay R.E.A.D program. Your child will read six books over the course of the summer and memorize six Scripture verses. It’s from June 1 – August 31. Turn in a completed summer reading journal at your local LifeWay store to earn a free book and a new free Bible.

10. Get free Six Flags tickets!

Read to Succeed Program

Ask your school if they participate in the Six Flags reading program. If they don’t, then I would ask them to. When students can complete 360 minutes of reading from the beginning of the school year to around February they will receive a free Six Flags ticket. This will have to start before summer but will be used during the summer. http://students can complete 360 minutes of reading . and http://static.sixflags.com/readtosucceed/ParentLetter.pdf

11. Get a season pass to a water park.

Sixflags Whitewater Park

Get a season pass to a water park. Bring your lunch and it will make it cheaper. You can get discounts on Coke cans or some fast food restaurants if you go for the day. We have a smaller water park in our own town. We get a seasons pass so we get other people in with the free friends coupon.

12. Join your town’s Facebook page for free activities.

Join your towns Facebook page. They will post all of the activities going on in your town. Our town is family oriented and plan a lot for kids. We have a local theater where they perform plays. Ask around to see what your town is doing.

13. Go to nearby beach or lake.

Hilton Head, SC

If you live near the beach or a lake, take a day trip with friends. If you carpool, you can split the gas and pack a lunch (and snacks, drinks). I purchased a large canopy so we can have some relief from the sun. Also, I purchased a big cooler on wheels. Bungy chord that canopy onto the cooler with wheels and Whola! We have a beach with a rubber mat on the sand. It’s easy peasy. Plop up that canopy and you have a haven for the day!

14. See what your local colleges have to offer.

Georgia Southern University Raptor Center

Check out your local colleges. Ours have programs for kids. We have a Raptor Center that houses animals they can’t live on their own because they are hurt. The college also performs plays and has a museum. They plan different activities during the year where families can come.

15. Free park pass for 4th graders.


I am signing my daughter up for this one. She is in the 4th grade. I will let your know about our adventures. You and your family get free access to hundreds of parks for an entire year. It is called Every Kid in a Park.

These are just some ideas to get you started. I hope you enjoy!

  1.  Go swimming – swim at night while watching a movie on a big television outside
  2.  Go to the beach if you live pretty close by and pack lunches and umbrella.
  3.  Find a college that has a museum – They are cheaper and kid friendly
  4.  Locate a county/city water park – We have a small water park at our park so we get discounts because we live in that county.
  5.  Invite friends over and cookout – get a slip-n-slide for the kids
  6.  Go to the river to swim
  7.  Find out from your local theater what day they give discounts for movies.  We have $5 Tuesdays and the concessions are half price!
  8.  Local bowling centers have discount programs
  9.  Get a group of kids together and stations of  different crafts – Each parent can be in charge of one station.  Make sure one station is making something to eat and drink!!!!
  10. Play in a sprinkler


10. Cheap and free things to do to entertain your kids during the fall

10. Cheap and free things to do to entertain your kids during the fall


1. Take your T.V. outside and watch a movie. We put the T.V. on a table, sit on big blankets and pillows on the ground and eat popcorn. The kids love it!

2. Bake desserts together.

3. Go to your local library. See if they have a local Zoo DVD to watch to receive free tickets to your local zoo. We can rent our DVD and go to the Atlanta Zoo for free! It includes 2 adults and 2 children tickets.

4. Go to church or city fall events. A lot of churches and cities have fall festivals. Also, if you live near a major college, the college students have trick or treating events.

5. See if your city has First Friday.  A lot of times they will have events for kids there. Ours has Scare on the Square and Deck the Halls.

6. Have a Halloween Party at your house.  Have it where parents stay and bring a snack.  My friend Claudia used to have pumpkin carving competitions.  Each child brought their own pumpkin and carving utensils.  The parents and children worked together to carve out their pumpkins.  Have small prizes for the scariest, funniest, happiest, silliest, most fat, most skinny, tallest, shortest, etc…  Then we ate and the kids ran around and had fun!  You could have Halloween games for the kids too! (Bob for apples)

7. A lot of farms have lots of fall activities for families.  Ours has a corn maze, hay rides, playground, and a jump house.

8. Roast marshmallows over a fire and make s’mores.

9. Go on a picnic.

10. Attend local plays at schools and performance art places.